“47 Percent” of Republicans Say Trump will Win It All

Ask Donald Trump about his policy on any issue, be it foreign or domestic, and you’ll get the same answer – when I’m the president, everything will be great! Everyone will be rich!

Well that’s the only answer some Republicans need to stamp Trump their candidate in 2016. Details about his policies are apparently not that important for these voters.

A new poll finds thatTrump leads Carson and the rest of the field on key attributes in addition to being seen as the most likely to win it all.

Approximately 47 percent said he is the best leader, while a plurality of 32 percent gave him the upper hand on the issues over Carson, at 19 percent.

He is also seen as the strongest candidate on immigration, with 39 percent backing him in that regard, and 29 percent said he understands people like them, leading the field over Carson’s 19 percent.

Meanwhile, a larger share of voters saw Carson as honest (33 percent to Trump’s 21 percent) and having a better personality (24 percent to 19 percent). At the same time, Bush leads the field in terms of the candidate voters felt is most experienced for the job, with 31 percent to Trump’s 23 percent.

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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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