V.P Joe Biden on 2016 Run – “We’re just not there yet and may not get there…”


In an interview published today with America magazine, Vice President Joe Biden once again answers the question on everyone’s mind – are you running for president in 2016.

“I mean, I’ve just got to be certain that if I do this, I’m able to look in the eye and everyone else and say I’m giving all my passion, all my, all my energy and will not be distracted. And secondly, equally as important, the other piece is: Is this moment, is this the best thing for the family as a unit?” Biden said.

Biden remarked that he has known “almost every person” who has made a White House bid since the age of 29, and the decision always hinges on “personal considerations.”

“Your whole family is implicated. Your whole family is engaged. So for us it’s a family decision, and I just have to be comfortable that this will be good for the family,” he explained.

“We’re just not there yet and may not get there in time to make it feasible to be able to run and succeed because there are certain windows that will close. But if that’s it, that’s it. But it’s not like I can rush it. It’s not like it either happens or it doesn’t happen. I know that’s not satisfying to anybody, but people who have been there, I know they understand,” the vice president said.

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