Trump Calls McCain “Harsh” for Correcting Woman Who Called Obama “Arab” – Video

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Trump has come under heavy fire over the last week for allowing a man at his town hall event to call President Obama a Muslim. And the comparison was made when in 2008, a woman at a John McCain town hall called Mr. Obama an “Arab.” Back then, John McCain stopped the woman, took the mic and corrected her, telling her that Mr. Obama is a decent American man with whom he sometimes disagree.

And rightly so, John McCain gained national respect from both Democrats and some Republicans for that moment of putting politics aside and telling the truth for a change.

But then there is Donald Trump.

Given that same opportunity to do something admirable, Donald Trump allowed the man to make his statement and even agreed with the man with his answer, “We’re gonna be looking at a lot of different things,” Trump answered.

But Trump wasn’t finished. In another event in Iowa on Saturday, Trump addressed the incident not by apologizing, but by attacking John McCain for being “harsh” against the woman in 2008.

“Remember the famous day when John McCain just ripped that microphone out of the woman’s hands?” Trump asked his audience while giving a speech to evangelical Christians in Iowa. “That was a little bit harsh, to be honest with you. Does anybody agree with me? That was harsh, wasn’t it? They gave him so much credit. Not me, I didn’t give him credit.”