Poll: Ben Carson and Donald Trump Almost Tied for First


In a new NBC/WSJ Poll, Ben Carson is just one more outrageous statement away from taking the lead from Donald Trump. But it’s still early, and there are still many more outrageous statements to come from both Donald Trump and Ben Carson. The most outrageous is sure to win over the Republican base.

In the new poll, Donald Trump is now at 21% with Ben Carson closely following with 20%. Carly Fiorina and Marco Rubio are tied for third place with 11%. Coming in fourth is Jeb! Bush with 7%.

Rand Paul and Chris Christie both ties with a whopping 3% and bottoming out the Republican list are Mike Huckabee with 2%, Rick Santorum with 1% and Bobby Jindal at 1%. There are a few more people who are below 1% and not worth the time mentioning in this post.


The Poll was conducted between September 20th and September 24th.