Man Shoots Self in Head While Demonstrating How Safe His Gun Was

shoot self in head

Can you say dumb ass gun nut?

The dumb ass in this case is 23-year-old Phoenix resident Christen Reece. After bar-hopping with his six friends  around 2 or 3AM last Tuesday morning, someone announced the marvelous idea of going to shoot guns!

“You know, there’s not really a lot to the story other than don’t drink and shoot guns,” explains Jim Molesa, chief deputy of the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office. “They were partying in the Valley, and then when the bars closed around 2 or 3, someone said, ‘Let’s go to the high country and shoot guns.’”

So the story goes Reece was so happy with his gun’s double safety feature that after bragging to his friends about how secure it was, he took the gun to his temple ato demonstrate and pulled the trigger. This is the point where I’ll say the gun did the shooting!

Reece dropped to the ground bleeding. His frantic friends took his body to a local fire station and ran away. The injuries were too much to handle at the fire station so Reece’s body was airlifted and taken to Scottsdale Osborn hospital and immediately taken into surgery. He remains in critical condition a day later.

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