Glenn Beck – “Jeb Bush is Hillary Clinton LITE” – Video


Glenn Beck went back to his home turf, Fox News, and was interviewed by his good friend and comrade, Bill O’Reilly on his recent comments about leaving the Republican party. And after detailing a long long long list of areas where he said the Republicans have failed him and the country, Beck then concluded that voting for another Republican like Jeb Bush, is like voting for Hillary Clinton.

He likes Ted Cruz for 2016 so that alone should give you an idea of where Beck is coming from. But listening to him detail some of the areas where Republicans have failed him, was wonderful. Beck listed immigration and Taxes as areas of contention with his party, and of course, included in his long list of reasons why he’s leaving the Republicans is Benghazi.

O’Reilly tried, but failed to convince Beck that voting Republican is the best way to go. Beck however, was adamant and concluded that voting for Jeb would be the same as voting for Hillary Clinton.

“Jeb Bush is Hillary Clinton lite”, Beck said, as Bill O’ once again lied to his audience with the unfounded claim that the economy was “pretty good” under George W. Bush. Bill O’ then accused Beck of living in “fantasy land!”

Watch the exchange below.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!