Detroit’s “Serve and Protect” Gang Members Almost Beat Another Civilian to Death – Video

floyd dent

Floyd Dent

It’s as if we’re all guilty and must be proven innocent in the courts.

What other reason would there be for police officers to pull a man out of his car and beat him, with one officer throwing the man to the ground, applying a chokehold to the man,┬áthen punching the man 16 times in his head? Why is this thuggish behavior considered “serving and protecting?”

bloodiedAnd then, when the rest of his backup arrived, they too get in the act of serving and protecting. One officer takes out his taser and tased the breeding man while the other members of the serve and protect gang slap handcuffs on the man, his face and head bloodied by the 16 blows he received to his head. And then when the man was finally taken away to the safety of a hospital room, one of the officers can be seen on camera pulling a bag out of his pocket and planting drugs in the man’s car.

The man – I must say – is black and yes, all the responding officers were white. But should that apparent crime of being the wrong color caused the man to be choked, beaten and almost killed by the “serve and protect” gang? Don’t blacks have the same constitutionally projected rights as everyone else? And why shouldn’t black people be expected to go home to their families, like this man was attempting to do before the gang intervened?

And of course you already know what happened next. The officers were not changed with any wrong-doing. But the man, a 57-year-old auto worker from Detroit named Floyd Dent, has a court date to answer for the drugs the Detroit Police gang members planted in his car.

Serving and Protecting… the only way they know how…

ps. No drugs were found in Mr. Dent’s system when he was examined at the hospital.


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