Jon Stewart Slams Science Deniers on the Whole Vaccination Debate – Video

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Yes, if there is a debate going on there are obviously those who are for and against something, and yes, in the case of vaccinating children against measles and the like, those for vaccination are usually liberals and those against it are usually Republicans and conservatives – you know, the science deniers.

Stewart however, managed to find a liberal in California who appear against the idea of vaccination. When asked if she had her kids vaccinated against measles – over 100 cases diagnosed since January 2015 – she thought for a while and then answered, “kinda.” Stewart of course, had some words for this woman.

But he also had something to say about the likes of Rand Paul and Chris Christie who both appeared in separate clips touting “personal freedom” as reasons not to vaccinate children. But it was the way Stewart ended the segment that left a lasting impression… at least on me.

In breaking down the reason to vaccinate, Jon Stewart likened America to an old farm house out in the middle of nowhere, and he compared measles as zombies trying to get into the house. The only way to keep these zombies out of the house was to board up the doors and windows. Everyone in the house was responsible for boarding up their area, but there was one lady from California who read somewhere that zombies will not come in, so she left here windows and doors unprotected.

Zombies, ah, measles made their way inside, infecting or eating all the survivors, just because one idiot failed to vaccinate! Get it?

Watch the video.

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