Conservatives’ Only Weapon against ISIS? Call them “Radical Islamic Extremists” – Video

shepard smith

These conservatives have paraded around the conservative news media calling the President, among other things, “weak” for holding a three-day summit on ISIS and not using the words, ” radical Islamic extremists” while talking about the group. The president has already described them as terrorists, but conservatives think that using the term, “radical Islamic extremists” would force ISIS to magically change its mind about their brutality and live in peace and tranquility like Monks.

So when one of these conservatives came on Shepard Smith’s show armed with his talking-points that Obama is not doing enough against the terrorist group, Smith wanted a little more beef than just talk. So he pushed back and asked for specifics. But of course, there were none as the talker came only armed with… talk!

The talker is former George Bush Ambassador for Special Political Affairs, Ambassador Stuart Holliday. His mission was to continue parroting the talking point that Obama is weak for not calling ISIS names like “radical Islamic extremists,” a talking point conservatives parroted into a nifty little analogy – that Obama’s three days summit on ISIS terrorists is like holding a fire drill in the middle of a fire. But when Shep asked the talker what else should be done, Holliday had no ideas. Nothing!


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