NAACP Building Bombed in Colorado Springs #Racism


The FBI is looking for a balding white man in his 40s who may be responsible for Tuesday’s bombing of an NAACP office building in Colorado Springs. The bombing happened on Tuesday before 11AM.¬†According to FBI officials, a device was detonated against the wall of the building at 603 S. El Paso St.

A gas can had been placed next to the device but was not ignited by the explosion, officials said in a news release.

The explosion charred the exterior wall of the building, but no one was injured and no other damage was reported.

The FBI said it is looking for a person of interest, described as a balding white man in his 40s who may be driving a dirty, 2000 or older model white pickup truck with paneling, an open tailgate and a missing or covered license plate.

“Some neighbors came out and said they saw a Caucasian gentleman get into a white truck,” said Gene Southerland, who owns Mr. G’s Hair Design Studios, which shares the building with the NAACP office.

“It was such a beautiful day and everything, sunny. And in broad daylight, you hear this explosion. It’s frightening,” he said.

Southerland, a customer and a beautician were inside the business at the time of the explosion, which knocked down a few plastic bottles on a shelf in the northeast corner of the building, he said.

“I had a corrections officer in my chair, and he said it sounded like a shotgun blast,” Southerland said.

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