Kissing Republican Congressman Continues to ‘Use’ His Wife – Ad

Kissing Congressman McAllister

The kissing Republican congressman. Remember him? He was the one caught on video tape kissing one of his subordinates, all the time being happily married I supposed, with a wife and kids at home.

After the video went public, the congressman, Rep. Vance McAllister, initially said he was not going to run for reelection. But he had a change of heart and his wife is clearly his biggest supporter.

“I’m lucky to have been blessed with a great family and a wonderful Christian wife,” McAllister says in his ad. And his wife was also happy and “blessed” with a husband like McAllister.

“I’m blessed to have a husband who owns up to his mistakes and never gives up,” she said, “always fighting for the good people of Louisiana.”

Now who knows? Maybe the kissing Congressman is a changed man and has promised his wife that she is “blessed” to have him as a husband. It is reasonably easier to change when the woman he was caught kissing had her marriage fall to pieces and undoubtedly moved on. And maybe his wife realized his mistake and decided to give him another chance.

Or, maybe this is just politics, and the best way for this congressman to win his seat is to show the world that he and his wife are of one accord, that they’re on the same page, that they can sit close enough to make an ad. Yea, I think that’s it. Using his wife to win a political seat.


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