Jon Stewart on The NFL – They “Don’t Know What the F*ck They’re Doing”

Jon Stewart NFL

It’s not official until we hear from the most honest man in news, Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart. And on Wednesday night’s show, Stewart took on the NFL and their horrible managerial skills or lack there of, in dealing with the many domestic abuse cases from the players, and his conclusion is that they don’t have the slightest idea about what they’re doing.

So it’s now official – the NFL is sadly clueless!

Stewart started out his segment Wednesday night going after Carolina Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy who is at the center of a domestic violence case. Hardy was convicted of assault and making threatening statements against the victim. But, Stewart said, the Panthers only announced Wednesday that he “is done…until he appeals his misdemeanor conviction for domestic violence.”

“It’s the kind of firm decision making we’ve come to expect from people who don’t know what the f*ck they’re doing,” Stewart said.

The NFL has also appointed a group of women to oversee its its efforts to reduce domestic violence among its players.

“You know your business model is in rough shape when you have to appoint your own in-house special victims unit,” Jon Stewart said.


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