Jon Stewart Explains Science to the Moronic Republicans on The Science Committee – Video

Mr.Jon Stewart? I feel your frustrations. I understand exactly what you’re saying. How the… why is it that the dumbest people in the Republican party, the ones always wearing their permanently attached dunce-caps… why are they the ones on the “Republican House Committee on Science, Space and Technology?” I mean, is this a joke? This must be a joke, right?

On his recent show, Stewart discussed among other things, the idiotic Republicans members of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology. They’re really a special breed!

In one of the committee’s meeting, John Holdren from the White House science team went before the group to testify about Climate Change and was greeted with some absolutely amazing and idiotic questions from the Republican panel. Questions like, can a wobbling earth disprove your theory of climate change, and how come when ice melt in a cup of water, the water does not overflow.

Yes folks, these are the Republicans on the Science and Technology committee.

Stewart left the wobbling earth explanation to the White House science expert, but he quickly dived into his explanation of the ice in water question.

Understandingly flabbergasted by the lack of science knowledge by the Republican members of the Science committee, Steward broke down the water example to a level even a 2-year-old could understand.

He brought out a glass filled with water and ice and explained that since the water is already in the glass, it is already a part of the composition. So any “melting” of that ice would not have any effect. He then added ice from outside the glass, they way land glaciers melt into the oceans, and he explained that now, with the newly added ice, there will be an effect. Coastal areas are first hand witnesses to this effect.

And as for the Republicans on the Science Committee? They still do not get it!

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