Father Gets Tased By Police As He Grieved Over His Dead Son – Video


Police brutality and excessive force are all over the news today, but these unfortunate characteristics of some police officers were around for a long time now. This incident happened over 2 years ago, but the circumstances and the players are the same.

When Reverend Earl Baldwin got the news that his step son was shot and killed trying to break up a fight, he rushed to the hospital to see his son. The sight of his son understandably overcame the Reverend and his emotions took over. The tears flowed as he hugged the lifeless body of his 23-year old son, Mileek Grissom, and the reverend began saying a prayer for his son.

This was apparently too much for the police officers in the room, as they unanimously decided that the father had overstepped his bounds and had to stop. They began trying to get the grieving father away from his son and finding that task a little more difficult for them to do, a taser was pulled out and the father was tased.

Somehow I think the color of his skin had something to do with why the Reverend no, the father of a dead child, was tased. But that’s just my opinion. According to the hospital, the police officers were justified in using excessive force because Baldwin they claim, was in the way of doctors trying to revive his son.

His son was dead mind you, but the doctors couldn’t figure that one out!

“Clearly this was a stressful situation and a tragic loss for this family,” the hospital said in a statement. “However, the allegations about the circumstances are inaccurate.”

Of coruse, Baldwin disagree with the hospital’s assertions.

“Watch the video,” said Baldwins’ attorney, Joel Sansone. “Not only was the child not being treated. The child was dead.”


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