Congressional Cowards Decide to Run Away From a War Vote This Year

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John Boehner, the Republican House Speaker  and leader of the cowards in the House of Representatives, told The New York Times that the goal of this Congress has absolutely nothing to do with the Constitution. The leader of the congressional cowards explained their main goal is sitting back and waiting ’till next year when hopefully that congress will have a backbone and do what is required of them.

Are you aware that we are fighting a war? The United States is leading a the fight against ISIS, or ISIL as they are called by White House personnel. And according to the United States Constitution, it is the job of Congress to declare war. But this is an election year and the cowards in Congress are more concerned with appearing favorably in the eyes of their constituents.

These cowards want to be reelected, and holding a vote for or against war could have negative effects on their reelection chances. So they have decided to do nothing – like they have done since taking office – hoping that the next congress in 2015 will be brave enough to actually do what the Constitution demands.

In his interview with the New York Times, Boehner explained that a new congress would be the ones holding this vote on war! The war we have already began fighting.

Doing this with a whole group of members who are on their way out the door, I don’t think that is the right way to handle this.”

The amazing and ironic thing is that John Boehner and the Republicans in Congress are currently suing President Obama for following his constitutional authorities. They claim that the President is doing too much through Executive Privileges, and they are taking the president to court to essentially stop him from working. This war against ISIS, or ISIL as thery are called by White House personnel, is the work of the President. Knowing that congress would not act, the President is yet again, left holding the bag, doing it on his own.

But what about the Constitution, the document every member of Congress swore to uphold when they took office? What should happen when these members, these congressional cowards decide for whatever reason, to turn their back on the the very document they are supposed to follow? That Constitution, that document containing the rules, the regulations and what is expected of every member of Congress. That document they pledged to follow. What happens when they choose to rip that document to pieces?

Republicans say their are the protectors of the Constitution. They print it up into little booklets and it is required reading by all when it fits their politics. But when their leaders blatantly disregard the document, blatantly refuse to follow its requirements, these same “protectors of the Constitution” turn a blind eye and vote again, and again, to keep their so-called ‘leaders’ in office.

And somewhere along the way, our democracy suffers and the society that separates us from the rest of the world crumbles. These so-called leaders are ripping apart the very fabric of what makes us exceptional, but, whatever. No one cares!

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