Warning – This Video Shows The Police Shooting of a St. Louis Man


You know it was just a matter of time before video of the latest St. Louis police shooting made its way on the Internet.

After I heard about this latest shooting, I chose to not be judgemental. I mean, what police officer will shoot another black man in the midst of nationwide protests against a police shooting of Michael Brown? You’ll have to be real stupid, or you just don’t give a damn to murder another man.

So I watched the press briefing by the Chief of Police after the shooting and I was under the impression that the two police officers felt their life were threatened, and they used deadly force to stop that threat. The police chief said the man had a knife and was charging the offices, so they both shot to stop that threat.

I thought stopping the threat meant a couple shots were fired, but theres a video.

After watching this video, I found it extremely hard to see how this one man with a so-called knife made two police officers think their life was in danger. Two police officers, with semiautomatic pistols!

And whatever happened to the use of a taser or stun gun? Is there ever a situation when non lethal weapons can be used?

This video contains strong language and other content that may be objectionable to some.

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  1. judi August 21, 2014 10:11 am

    And you are not seeing…and will never see …….THIS on any cable news!! They are DONE with Ferguson and The BLACKS. They are hoping people have lost interest and are back on to Ebola and Obama being a wussy.

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