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July 7, 2014

By Mike Caccioppoli

There is much controversy and ballyhoo over the headline “A Nigger In The White House” by a paper in Greenwich Village in NYC. It’s actually a pro-Obama article which makes the point I have made many times and will make again today. That there is much racism involved when it comes to the criticism of Obama. There is more talk about that headline than the problem the article lays out. This is commonplace from a media that loves sensationalism and hates those boring things known as facts.

This of course always plays right into the Republicans hands since they are a party and voters who love vitriol and despise facts. We don’t see headlines like “OBAMA CREATES JOBS, SLASHES UNEMPLOYMENT.” No instead we see “BOEHNER SUES OBAMA” and “REPUBLICANS CALL OBAMA DICTATOR” and of course the perpetual “BENGHAZI BENGHAZI BENGHAZI.”

So why don’t we see the factual headlines? Such as “OBAMA’S JOB NUMBERS LEAVING BUSH IN THE DUST” OR “OBAMA ISSUES FEWER EXECUTIVE ORDERS THAN BOTH REAGAN AND BUSH.” Because THOSE are facts. I mean jobs are important right? Here is a fact based column written by Michael Tomasky. It documents how Obama has a net gain of 4.5 million jobs so far. A 3 million job advantage over Bush. But that is “The Daily Beast.” In all due respects to that publication it isn’t the “NY Times” or “USA Today”. You won’t see that headline in those publications. Of course you won’t see it on Fox News or CNN either.

Now the media is certainly to blame. We can say that’s a reason why voters don’t know this information. Tomasky blames the media somewhat and also blames the Democrats themselves for not being louder about their accomplishments. He is right. But if the media doesn’t want to cover it the Democrats can do no better than yelling out their windows ala Peter Finch in “Network.”

The other reason, the one the paper in the Village spoke about, I think is the bigger problem. The inherent racism of the United States. Hey maybe the media is racist as well, because unlike corporations, the media ARE people. Before you go and tell me how a black guy won the Presidency twice and that proves there is no racism anymore I will explain how he won. He won because Obama’s people did a superb job of getting African-Americans out to vote. That would be his own people. There is also a good percentage of white racists with low IQ’s that don’t all. Oh they complain but they don’t vote.

Those people, the white racists do have cars, and driver’s licenses. They do get polled. And when they do it reflects on Obama’s overall approval rating. You need to ask yourself this…IF a Clinton or a Bush, had been creating jobs for 45 straight months and if a Clinton or a Bush had lowered unemployment, would they be struggling to get above 45-50 percent approval? I think anyone who is honest with themselves would say no.

If a Clinton or a Bush was consistently obstructed by the opposing party would it be they who would be having the popularity problem? We can blame the media but they almost always go with the negative headline over the positive. It didn’t just start with Obama. And the Republicans have always been loud mouthed obnoxious assholes while the Democrats have always been meek and unable to toot their own horn.

The only denominator that has changed is the race of the President. These lowbrow, lowlife racists are just too dumb and prejudiced to realize that he is creating jobs for THEM! Not for the rich, but for those who need them the most. He is improving THEIR lives by lowering the unemployment rate.

Obama has given THESE people health coverage, jobs, a steady check instead of unemployment which runs out fast because Republicans won’t extend it. Their kids, if they want to go to college will have less debt due to changes in student loans. I could go on and on about how he has been on THEIR side.

Yet it doesn’t matter. His economic numbers are crushing Bush. If it keeps going like this as Tomasky points out, he will get close to Reagan’s numbers. Doesn’t matter.

Bush and Reagan were white. Obama is still black.

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