Fox News’ Advice to Women – “Don’t talk too much” and Wear a “colorful top”


“Not to raise their voices” and not to talk too much. That ladies, is Fox’s advice to you. According to these brainiacs, keeping your mouths shut is the secret to success.

Fox News host and proud card carrying member if the Knuckle dragging community, Steve Doocy introduced Sylvia Ann Hewlett’s book, Executive Presence, by advising that women should wear “well-cut jeans with a colorful top,” while an on-screen graphic told them “not to raise their voices.”

Co-host Anna Kooiman, however, argued that “women shouldn’t be so focused on what we look like, and what we’re wearing, but what our mind can do.”

“Also a little thing that you think is important is your presentation and your voice,” co-host Brian Kilmeade added. “Keep it low, don’t speak loud.”

“For women,” Doocy emphasized.

Hewlett explained that a lot of women from the South were taught to “fill the air with words… but oftentimes that undermines you, just rambling.”

“Don’t talk too much,” Doocy recommended.


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