Why Eating Two Breakfasts Can Help You Lose Weight

Spread out your morning calories for better fat-burning and faster weight loss.

Eating frequently throughout the day is nothing new. “Grazing” and “mini meals” were once all the rage for those who wanted to control hunger, lose weight, or simply eat healthier. Recently, health gurus have been encouraging a slightly different take on this approach. Now, it’s all about breakfast.

We all know breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day. Drummed into our heads since we were kids, eating in the morning will jump start our metabolism and provide some much needed nourishment after a night of “fasting.” For dieters, it can be doubly important. Two breakfasts could be the key to better fat-burning and weight loss. Here’s why:

Breakfast # 1: Begin Burning Calories

Contrary to popular belief among coffee lovers, it’s carbohydrates, not caffeine, that your body needs in the morning.* Not a lot, but just enough to get you going. A small bowl of high-fiber cereal (healthy carbs) with low-fat milk (lean protein) is enough to start your engines and begin burning calories. Anything too heavy in the carb department, like a stack of pancakes, will have the opposite effect — you’ll be sent back to sleepy land once your insulin levels plummet.

Breakfast # 2: Crush the Cravings

Mid-morning food cravings are typical for everyone, especially dieters, and can lead to poor choices like a dip into the office kitchen’s donut box. The ideal second breakfast is a combination of healthy protein and high fiber to quell any hunger and encourage continued weight-loss. A turkey sausage patty on a whole grain English muffin is perfect. A smear of spicy mustard, which research suggests might increase metabolism, will boost to your body’s ability to burn fat.

Get Lean for Lunch

Eating two small healthy breakfasts will keep you happy until lunch. Too many dieters live for their lunch break, eat too quickly, and still end up unsatisfied. But if you’ve got two excellent breakfasts under your belt, your diet lunch will be a breeze to stick to and you’ll be set up for an alert and energized afternoon.

*Pasman W et al. “Effect of two breakfasts, different in carbohydrate composition, on hunger and satiety and mood in healthy men”