Republicans Applaud Chris Hayes for Providing More Ammunition Against Obama – Video


Now I’m not sure what Chris Hayes is trying to accomplish here, maybe he wants to be known as an impartial reporter or someone who has no allegiance to any one group or party. Maybe he wants to be impartial. And although an impartial reporter is something to be admired, impartial reporters are a dying breed in today’s political landscape, and they are dying because most of this country have already picked a side and are prepared to defend that side to the end. Impartiality unfortunately, has no audience here.

If you read this blog often, you have already realized that I, like the rest of the nation, have picked a side. So imagine my surprise when Chris Hayes of MSNBC brought on a Republican and a former White House employee on his show, to argue the constitutionality of a president deciding to go off on his own and do stuff without the okay of Congress.

In this particular case, the group discussed the recent decision by President Obama to “negotiate” the release of a United States prisoner, Bowe Bergdahl

Of course, Republicans all argue that the US prisoner should stay in captivity. Amazingly, they  used the Sunday morning networks to complain that the United States should not have released five Gitmo prisoners to get the Taliban to release one US soldier. They were all livid! How dare the president make such a decision?

Chris brought on Republican Senator Jason Chaffetz to plead the Republican’s case. But Michael Gottlieb,the former White House Presidential Special Assistant, was making more of a case that the president made the right decision in acting swiftly to secure the release the captured soldier. That is when Chris Hayes pulled out a recording for the President denouncing George Bush when Bush acted alone on certain occasions.

At the end of the recording, the Republican’s face lit up as he happily applauded Chris Hayes and MSNBC for beating Fox News to this bit of ammunition against the President.


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