American Apparel Founder On Video, Dancing with his Penis Dangling

The video above shows the founder of American Apparel, dancing in front if two female employees, fully naked with his dingerling dangling.

The Video, originally published by Viddme, and then later confirmed by Gawker, shows the American Apparel creator having a conversation on the phone while dancing around the room, clearly missing the fig leaf that would have covered his protruding member. At one point in the video, Mr. American Apparel, also known as Dov Charney, tried to pull one of the fully clothed females to join him in his joyous celebration. She was clearly not impressed.

After the video surfaced, Mr. Charney was fired from the company he founded.

  • Joe

    How to conduct employee relations with your minority immigrant work force when you are From Chicago, Jewish, and A Hillary Clinton Donor. Yes the Board of Directors was paying lawyers to further abused the women workers until they posted this video for all the world to see.

  • Nicholas I

    Filthy Yid