Today, They Plan to “Overthrow” Obama – Audio


The Republican haters who claim to be patriots but cannot stand the Constitution and the process laid out for electing a president, plan to march on Washington today with one goal in mind – to overthrow the democratically elected President of the United States of America.

The organizers say they expect somewhere between 10 to 30 million people to join their efforts to overthrow the president, and they warn that some will be “killed, wounded, incarcerated,” because the president they say, will not go peacefully.

“[I]t will be painful, and some people may die because the government will not be non-violent; some of us will end up in a cell, and some may be injured,” organizer Harry Riley said, fearing that “patriots may be killed, wounded, incarcerated” in their effort to overthrow Obama.

Words of wisdom. If you’re going to take part in this 30 million people march to overthrow Obama today, make sure you stay close to a porta potty. With 30 million people, the line for the bathroom may be a little long. At some point they’ll all have to go.


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I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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  1. judi May 16, 2014 12:35 pm

    MAYBE…there were 30….

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