Fox Host is Happy that Store with “No Guns” Sign Got Robbed at Gunpoint


“So with every issue both sides pick stories to support their own opinions.  But sometimes it’s just too easy, in fact, it’s like stealing candy from a baby – or from a store that advertises its gun-free status.”

That’s how Fox News host Greg Gutfeld began celebrating the unfortunate news that criminals, people breaking the law, robbed at store at gunpoint.

He continued;

A restaurant in North Carolina was robbed at gunpoint on Sunday, two pistol-packers assaulted two workers, but thankfully no one died. 

Oddly, the store had a sign on the door [smirk] clearly stating, no guns, including concealed weapons.  I know!  The robbers totally ignored the sign!  Well, they really didn’t ignore it at all.  They saw it as an invitation, suggesting that the only guns there at the restaurant squirt soda.  Hell, why not make a sign that says, “robbers welcome, the cash register’s up front, the safe’s in the back, the combination is Shakira’s birthday . . . touting gun-free zones only makes you a richer target . . . .”

Is Gutfeld equally thrilled that a bunch of liberal, likely unarmed, California kids were recently gunned down by Elliot Rodger?

It’s hard not to laugh at Gutfeld’s desperate attempt to tie lack of artillery in that NC restaurant to inviting a robbery, but it’s scary sad too. 

First of all, Gutfeld is part of the same group of rabble-rousing gun-toters who tout 2nd Amendment rights based largely on the premise that the bad guys aren’t going to follow rules; and yet, by Gutfeld’s twisted logic, any store, restaurant, gas station, fast food restaurant or other business that doesn’t post a sign stating “Don’t rob us, we’re armed,” has put itself at risk of armed robbery because, of course, robbers read, believe and heed every posted sign. For Pete’s sake, has Gutfeld never heard of banks being robbed despite armed security, cops being killed despite guns on their belts, mass murders being committed despite armed civilians in the vicinity?


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!