Couple Caught Having Sex on Church Lawn


Some people go weddings and express their happiness for the couple with tears of joy. Others bring gifts to mark the special occasion. But for a 60-year-old woman and a 56-year-old man, engaging in sex acts on the church lawn was the way to go.

A Salt Lake City Police Department cop was summoned to Sacred Heart Catholic Church around 6 PM by a wedding guest who “ran into the road to stop” a passing police cruiser being driven by Officer Rich Stone.

Stone then approached Sandra Kruser and Wilson Benally, who were laying on the church lawn. “I walked over to the couple and I physically saw the sex act,” Stone reported. Specifically, the cop noted, Benally “had his tongue and finger inside of Ms. Krusen’s vagina.”

The Kruser-Benally tryst was viewed by, among others, “four children in the wedding party,” according to a police report.

When Stone confronted the couple, they initially ignored orders to stop having sex. Kruser and Benally–who were not invited to the nuptials–eventually had to be pried apart by Stone.

Seen in the above mug shots, Kruser and Benally were arrested for gross lewdness and public intoxication. Benally was also charged with criminal trespass. Kruser and Benally remain locked up in the Salt Lake County jail, where Kruser is being held in lieu of $2093 bond, while Benally will have to post $2313 to secure his release. 

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