Police Say This Woman Hid a loaded Gun In Her Vagina

Dallas Archer

Dallas Archer

No, you did not read that wrong and I didn’t say that she hid the gun next to it, I said in… she hid a loaded revolver IN the darn thing!

When police arrested 19-year-old  Dallas Archer of Tennessee for driving with a suspended license, a female corrections officer alerted to an “unknown object” in the teenager’s crotch during a search.

The jailer and a female cop then accompanied Archer to a bathroom for further examination, a review that led to the recovery of a “North American Arms 22 LR revolver (loaded) which Ms. Dallas had concealed in her vagina,” according to a Kingsport Police Department report.

Archer, seen in the above mug shot, was charged with gun possession and introducing contraband into a penal facility. According to a jail official, Archer was released from custody after posting $6000 bond.

h/t The Smoking Gun


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