A Democrat Mentioned Bundy on Fox, Fox Host Immediately Cuts Him Off – Video

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You all know the story that the New York Times broke, a brand new story that showed Cliven Bundy to be an in your face racist. Fox News, as I’m sure you know, has been defending Bundy from day one, with multiple interviews on the so-called “news” network and promoting his story as if he’s the second coming of Christ. But since the Times story broke, Fox News has avoided the story like it’s the plague.

Today, Fox tried to avoid Bundy and continue their usual talking points sharing any and all stories about Obama and what they think are Obama’s failures. They had a panel and a topic – The Keystone Pipeline and the fact that Obama is not working fast enough to approve the darn thing.

Among the panelists was Joe Trippi, a non apologetic Democrat who, after making his statement on the Pipeline tried to throw in a comparison to the racist Cliven Bundy, but before he could finish his statement, the Fox Host was tripping all over herself trying to keep the story from getting out to their Fox audience.

Trippi pointed out that delays in approving the pipeline were connected to a court case in Nebraska.

“And the same people, by the way, who argue about Bundy ranch that the feds are coming in…” was all that Trippi could say before being cut off by Carlson.

“Alright, let’s not bring that into this discussion,” she said reflexively. “I don’t want to bring that into this discussion!”

At that point, she turned to the conservative guest to get the segment back on track.


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