New Right Winged Conspiracy – Obama “Murdered” Everyone on Malaysian Flight MH370 – Audio

Erik Rush

Erik Rush

This is Erik Rush, a frequent nut on Fox News and a regular nut+ on WorldNetDaily. It is Erik’s theory, based on the noises in his head affectionately called his “sources,” that President Obama has first hand knowledge of what happened to the people of flight MH370 that disappeared earlier in March, because the President had the crew and passengers “murdered.”

Erik Rush claims that the Obama administration took control of the flight and landed it on Diego Garcia. There, technicians on the flight were interrogate because they wanted to “abscond to China.” Rush goes on to say that after the interrogation was completed, the United States government had everyone on the plane “murdered.”

And you thought you heard it all.



I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


  • Unknown Soldier

    Dear Mr. Grant,

    Ever heard of the Mi Lai massacre..?

    Ever heard of Agent Orange..?

    Ever heard of Oliver North..?

    Ever heard of the Lusitania..?

    Ever heard of the Inquistion..?

    Ever heard of Building Seven..?

    Ever heard of Operation Northwood..?

    Ever heard of Operation Paperclip..?

    These are all conspiracies involving massive
    lies, death, torture and deception in the name
    of freedom.

    Before calling Mr. Rush names perhaps you
    should take a look in the mirror of history.

    Unknown Soldier