Boy Hides in Girlfriend’s Closet Almost Gets Shot by Girl’s Dad


This one got away, unlike the teen that was shot to death after he was found hiding in his girlfriend’s room.

A Florida man pulled a gun on a teen boy after finding him hiding inside his stepdaughter’s closet before making her do squats as punishment, police said.

Timothy Estes, 39, allegedly freaked out Tuesday after finding the 16-year-old boy inside the 14-year-old girl’s bedroom at his DeLand house.

Cops say he pointed a pistol at the boy’s head and marched him out the door.

“You’re lucky I don’t kill you, next time I see you I am going to kill you,” he reportedly screamed at the terrified teen.

Returning to the house, Estes then allegedly decided to seriously discipline his stepdaughter.

Slapping the girl across the face, he is then accused of handing her a pencil and forcing her to do squats without dropping it.

He then allegedly made her do push-ups, threatening to beat her if they weren’t perfect, reports The Daytona Beach News-Journal.

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