Watch President Obama Keep Bill O’ Reilly In His Place – The Interview

potus and bill

In the first go around, Bill O’Reilly had his way with the first term President. Bill showed a level of disrespect to the president not seen in a long, long time. O’Reilly ┬álived up to his Fox News expectation and interrupted, cut off, spoke over the young Barack Obama. So when I heard that the President was offering O’Reilly another interview, I couldn’t understand the reason.

I do now. Like he did in the second debate against Mitt Romney, President Obama kept Bill O’ Reilly and his Fox News talking points at bay.

In the second go around, President Obama stood his ground and directly pointed out that Bill O’Reilly and the people at Fox are the ones pushing the misinformation to the country. He refused to allow Bill O’ to run the show like he did in the first interview and over the 10 minutes of the interview, President Obama got his message across, leaving Bill O’ to try to cut the interview short, but the President continued, letting the country know that he is doing his part, unlike those who wish to continue push a misleading narrative to their listeners… like Fox News.

Watch the interview below.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!