Ted Nugent ‘Sings’ About Seducing Under-age Girls – Video


The Republican’s favorite mouthpiece besides the likes of Rush Limbaugh and the cast of jokers at Fox News, is a dude name Ted Nugent. Yes, you know this guy or you have heard of him. He recently made news when he spewed some of his normal hate mongering speech against President Obama by calling the president “a Chicago, Communist- raised, Communist-educated, Communist-nurtured, subhuman mongrel.”

What Nugent said about the president was just normal Nugent talk. In previous statements, he’s compared the president to a “chimpanzee” among other things and have even threatened the president causing the Secret Service to pay him a visit.

Yes, Nugent is vile and the Republicans love him.

That love for Nugent is what led to his invitation to speak at a campaign event for a Republican candidate for governor of Texas and that is where his “subhuman mongrel” comment about the president turned into a controversy. Why would anyone invite the likes of Nugent onstage to talk at a campaign event? Greg Abbott, the Republican candidate tried to soften the blows by saying that he was unaware of Nugent’s remarks. But it was already too late as his decision to associate himself with Nugent raised more questions about the Republicans and the hole their party seems determined to stay in.

But again, this is not the first time a Republican bigwig has associated himself with Nugent. When he was running for president of the United States in 2012, Mitt Romney gladly accepted Nugent’s endorsement. Unlike Abbott, Romney couldn’t say that he was unaware of Nugent’s past, but he accepted the endorsement anyway.

Speaking of Nugent’s past, here is a video of one of the rocker’s songs, a song called “Jailbate” where he sung about meeting an underage girl and trying to seduce her. In the song, he’s getting arrested for talking to the ‘jailbate’ and he tells the officer to put the cuffs on the underage girl so that he and the officer could share her.

Here’s the lyrics.

Honey you you you look so nice, She’s young she’s tender, Won’t you please surrender, She’s so fine she’s mine, All the time, all mine mine It’s all right baby, It’s quite all right, I asked your mama, Wait a minute officer, Don’t put those handcuffs on me, Put them on her and I’ll share her with you.

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