Outrage – Major Snow/Ice Storm in New York – de Blasio Keep Schools Open


With more dangerous weather slamming the metro-area, teachers, parents and students alike are questioning Mayor Bill de Blasio’s decision to keep schools open.

“How are we supposed to stay off the roads, if NYC schools remain OPEN!” mother Tilena Diamond commented on PIX11′s Facebook page. “UNREALISTIC MAYOR!!!! I am keeping my children home warm and safe period. And so is 95% of parents.”

This is the second time in recent weeks de Blasio has taken heat for keeping schools out despite inclement weather.

The Mayor cautioned New Yorkers to stay off the roads if they do not need to travel. “… [B]ut let the NYC kids travel to schools by school buses, what a huge contradiction,” another Facebook friend commented.

This latest storm system is expected to dump just two to four inches of snow on New York City, but it’s the ice and rain that will commuting treacherous.


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