MSNBC’s Krystal Ball Gives Republicans More Artillery Against Hillary Clinton – Video


Since MSNBC quickly apologized to RRRReince Priebus and the Republicans for a… tweet, it seems that the folks at MSNBC have bent over backwards to please the GOP. I know getting Republicans on their station is considered necessary for the political station, but come on! This azz kissing is getting rediculous!

On today’s “The Cycle” show, Krystal Ball did Republicans a favor by pointing out some other areas of Hillary Clinton’s life where Republicans could attack when they’re ready. Yes, Hillary Clinton has been around a long time and there are many things about her Republicans can attack. But because they’re incapable of doing basic research, the only thing they’ve come up with so far is that Bill Clinton did something with Monica Lewinsky. So today on the MSNBC show, co-host Krystal Ball laid out a few more points of attack I’m sure Republicans will gladly consider.

Share your thoughts Krystal…

It is clear now that we have two economies: one for a thin slice of educated elite and one for everyone else. That is the moment we are in now. So I ask you, does Hillary Clinton sound to you like the right person for this moment?

In a time when corporations have hijacked our politics enabling them to reap all the profit without feeling any compunction to do right by their workers, is someone who sat on the rabidly anti-union board of Walmart for six years the right person to restore worker’s rights?

In a time when we are still reeling from a global financial disaster brought on by foolhardy bank deregulation, is someone who recently took $400,000 to give two speeches at Goldman Sachs the person we need to wrest control of the asylum back from the banking inmates?

Keep in mind that at those paid speeches, Clinton wasn’t giving tough love to these masters of the universe. On the contrary, she said that “the banker-bashing…was unproductive and indeed foolish.” Of course, it was her husband, former President Bill Clinton, who did much of the deregulating that got us into trouble including ending the Glass-Steagall prohibitions on mixing traditional banking with speculative investment banking.

More to the point though, in a time when we badly need to be inspired, rallied, and made to believe that America can once again be true to the American dream, we desperately need someone who is mission driven. We need someone who is clearly passionate, who is living and breathing and feeling in their bones the plight of the worker and the middle class, and who is unafraid to stand up to the Wall Street titans. That person is not Hillary Clinton. It is Elizabeth Warren.

Okay, so I like Elizabeth Warren too and I would vote for her if she decides to run for president. But so far, Mrs Warren has said that she has no intention of running. So what is Krystal and MSNBC doing here? They’re providing a loaded gun to the enemy and  any day now, Republicans will start shooting.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!