Jon Stewart Dissects The Michael Dunn Case and Verdict – Video

It was Jon Stewart’s turn to respond to the travesty that is the Michael Dunn verdict. Dunn, who drove up to, engaged in, shot 10 bullets into a car containing four teenagers and killing one of them in the process, was convicted over the weekend of trying to kill the teenagers, but received no conviction on the child he did kill.

Stewart began his piece reminding us of another Floridian case involving George Zimmerman, where he approached another innocent teenager, attacked and killed him. Justice for that teenager – Trayvon Martin – never materialized as his killer walked away a free man because his lawyer somehow convinced a jury that Martin attacked Zimmerman with a sidewalk.

The Jury bought it.

After fully dissecting the lies testimony of this second Floridian case involving Michael Dunn and the teenager he murdered – Jordan Davis – Stewart looked at the not guilty verdict and concluded that the apparent message Floridians wanted to convey was, “if you fire a gun, you better fucking hit somebody, ’cause if there’s one thing Floridians don’t tolerate, it’s survivors.”

He also brought correspondent Jessica Williams into the conversation. Williams had some recommendations for teenagers in Florida… black male teenagers that is, because based on these two cases and the outcome, black male teenagers in Florida are easily targeted. One of her recommendations was to ‘stay in school…” As in, stay indoors. Do not go outside!

Jessica concluded that the “Stand Your Ground Law” which helps these murders and murderers to walk free, cannot be used by black people. She says that the law works best for whites because it’s like bleach working wonders for whites,while destroying colors.

Video Part 1

Video Part 2


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!