Cruise Ship Worker Attacked, Raped and Tried to Throw Woman Off Ship


A cruise ship worker with murderous intent broke into a passenger’s room then raped, beat and strangled her before trying to throw her overboard, the FBI said.

Ketut Pujayasa, 28, admitted his evil plan to investigators after the MS Nieuw Amsterdam returned to Fort Lauderdale on Sunday, the Sun Sentinel reported.

The devilish Indonesian citizen told the FBI he attacked the 31-year-old American after he knocked on her door several times during a breakfast delivery and she dissed him, saying, “Wait a minute, son of a bitch!”

“Pujayasa stated that the passenger’s comment of ‘son of a bitch’ was offensive to himself and his parents. He was angry and upset the rest of the day,” FBI Special Agent David Nunez wrote in his report, according to the newspaper.

After stewing over the slight for a few hours, Pujayasa planned to punch the woman in the face as revenge.

Instead, and though off-duty, the plotting Pujayasa used a master key to get into the woman’s stateroom and hid on her balcony, where he fell asleep.

When he awoke, the woman was back inside and he jumped on top of her and began his terrifying attack. He smashed her with a laptop and a curling iron while he beat her. The perv then used the curling iron cord and phone cord to choke the woman and silence her screams, the Sun Sentinel reported.

The woman bit the twisted attendant’s hand “then continued to fight for her life by all means available including striking Pujayasa’s exposed genitals as well as utilizing a corkscrew in an attempt to stab him,” Pujayasa reportedly told the FBI.

Fed up with the wailing woman, Pujayasa told the feds he wanted to dump his victim off her balcony to get rid of the evidence while the boat sped through waters near Roatan, Honduras.

But another passenger pounding on the woman’s door spooked the sicko, who, still naked from the waist down, jumped from his victim’s balcony to another one before he entered another occupied room from its balcony and fled inside.

The woman, meanwhile, escaped Pujayasa’s grasp and fled for the hallway, where another passenger found her only in a tank top covered in blood.

“The passenger also noted that (the victim) had a curling iron wrapped and tangled around her neck and/or hair. He also described (her) as having black eyes and visible bruising around her neck and shoulders. (The woman), fearing death was imminent, asked the passenger to relay to her family how much she loved them,” agents wrote in their criminal complaint, according to the Sun Sentinel.

Pujayasa ended up back at his room, where he told his roommate he’d killed a passenger.

The Holland America Line cruise liner docked in Honduras on Valentine’s Day, Friday, and the badly beaten woman was flown to a South Florida hospital.

Cruise security kept Pujayasa detained until the ship docked at Port Everglades on Sunday, when he was booked at a Broward jail on charges of attempted murder and aggravated sexual abuse.

The cruise liner immediately fired the man, who is held without bond. He’d been hired in 2012 following “a careful screening that included a clean criminal history check,” the company said in a statement. “He had no performance issues and came with good references.”

h/t NY Daily News


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