Weatherman Knees On-Air Prankster in the Groin – Video


Some people would do anything to be famous, that 15 minutes of fame is what they call it. Well veteran weatherman Jim Cantore, wrapping up his report on Winter Storm Leon, put an end to this youngster’s tryouts at stardom real fast, punctuating it with a knee to the unsuspecting prankster’s midsection.

Cantore was at the College of Charleston campus in South Carolina and you can see his attention was diverted for a split second before the hollering youngster makes his move, running full speed toward the weatherman.

Without missing a beat, Cantore simply raised his right knee, providing a rather hard surface for the fame seeker to run into. With him out of the way, Mr. Cantore finished up his thought on the weather storm, as if this sort of thing happened all the time.

“Obviously, here at the College of Charleston they are already having a good time,” Cantore said, as he finished up his report.

Watch it below.


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