Rachel Maddow Rejects Koch’s Demand for Her to Read Their Script – Video

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People like the Koch brothers are accustomed to having their own way. The right winged media bows to their every command, so they obviously have some pull in those media outlets. But the brothers apparently got carried away when they sent Rachel Maddow some talking points an expected the MSNBC host to read their demands on air, to her audience.

Needless to say, Rachel happily put them in their place. “NO, I won’t read your script,” Maddow said in last night’s show.

Maddow previously highlighted a failed policy in Florida where the Republican governor tried to drug-test poor people applying for assistance from the state. This failed policy was funded in part by the Koch brothers and they were not happy hearing how Maddow covered their involvement. So they sent her a script expecting her to read their defense on her show.

Maddow of course, refused.


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