Jon Stewart – “The War on Christmas is Over, War on Carbon Begins”


On Monday’s episode of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart took on the Foxes in the henhouse, you know, the same folks whose only goal is making money, so they cloaked themselves in the light of a news organization to win the trust of millions.

I’m talking about Fox News. They have made their millions convincing their herds that there was a war on Christmas, now that it’s cold outside they’re cashing in on their war on facts. In this case, Global Warming.

“There you have it: ‘War on Christmas’ is over; ‘war on carbon’ begins,” Stewart said. “Global warming: Just one more liberal conspiracy. Because even though there is a great deal of scientific data establishing climate change trends. Even though many of the models of global warming predict more extremes of weather — not just warming — apparently decades of peer-reviewed scientific study can be, like a ficus plant, destroyed in one cold weekend.”

Stewart got particularly incensed at Fox News host Stuart Varney’s argument that a Russian research ship’s getting trapped in ice in Antartica proved the world was getting colder, which he punctuated with a blithe, “That’s just my opinion.”

“That’s just your opinion — your opinion,” Stewart raged. “It means nothing.”

Instead, Varney’s colleagues were turning to the likes of Donald Trump for “analysis,” much to Stewart’s chagrin.

“So global warming must be a hoax,” Stewart said sarcastically. “Because, I mean, Mr. Trump would never conceal bald-faced truth or go through any effort to hide when something’s clearly receding over the years.”


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!