Guaranteed – How to Save $1378 This Year?

This is a very simple challenge. So simple, anyone can do it.

For the 52 weeks of the year, put some money aside. You decide the amount based on the week you’re in. For example, for the first week of January (week 1), put $1 in your savings. For the second week of January (week 2), put $2 in your savings. It goes on and on for each week… for the 7th week of the year, deposit $7. For the 18th week, deposit $18.

Here’s the guarantee – if you continue this process for the entire year, you will save $1378 by the 52nd week of the year when you make your last deposit of $52.

Try it!



I'm just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!