Glenn Beck Throws Chris Christie and the GOP Under the Bus – Video

beck now

Glenn Beck, one of the main voices of the Republican party has now officially thrown the party and Chris Christie under the bus, never to be seen or heard from again.

Beck, responding to a previous call to his show where the caller accused him of “poisoning the well” due to his constant knocks on Chris Christie, a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2016. In answering this accusation from the caller, explained that he never was, nor will he ever be a “shill” for the Republican party. He went on to name other Republicans and conservative media figureheads like Hannity and Limbaugh, saying that they too have had it with the Republican party.

“Sean Hannity has had it with the GOP,” Beck said. “Mark Levin has had it with the GOP. The biggest, quote, ‘shill of the GOP,’ as they have always liked to say, Rush Limbaugh, has had it with the GOP … So if you’re looking for shills for a political party, you’re probably going to have to shake talk radio.”

He goes on to explain that MSNBC, CNN and other cable shows are “shills” for the Republicans and Democrats. Unbelievably, he failed to include Fox News in his lineup.



I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!