Fox News – Republicans Must Make a Moral Argument Against Unemployment Insurance

steve hayes
A Fox News contributor is perplexed. He is demanding that Republicans stand up and fight against extending unemployment benefits for the unemployed. Contributor Steve Hayes even went as far as calling congressional Republicans “a little too wimpy” for not forcefully standing up against Democrats on the issue.

While Democrats have always been for extending unemployment insurance, most Republicans have steadfastly been against it. These Republicans are demanding that any extension in benefits must come from cuts in other social programs. Steve understands their reasoning, but thinks they’re being “wimpy.”

“They make a very pragmatic, practical argument about deficit neutrality,” Hayes said. “I think that’s a fine argument, as far as it goes. But I think Republicans are being a little too wimpy on this. I think it’s time to make a moral argument against extended unemployment insurance forever.”

Like a majority of Republicans, it is Hayes view that extending unemployment benefits for these out of work Americans is in essence, holding these Americans back. Hayes, and others like him think providing this temporary assistance to those in need will lead to a society of lazy Americans depending on entitlements, thus, making unemployment a “way of life.”

“We’ve been hearing that it’ll be cut off now for the better part of five years,” Hayes said.  “There used to be widespread, bipartisan agreement in Washington that unemployment insurance was sort of the last place to go, the last place that somebody who was down on their luck could turn. Now, it’s increasingly becoming a way of life.”

“What’s surprising to me is that Republicans aren’t making a moral case about how often unemployment insurance that goes on forever leads to more unemployment.”

Got that? Considering that a minimum of three applicants apply for every one job opening, it is the Republican’s opinion that any help to these people is wrong. The apparent believe is if an unemployed cannot bully his/her way into getting that one job opening, then they and their family need no help.

Remember North Dakota congressman, Rep. Kevin Cramer? He tried to justify his vote to kick veterans, the elderly and children off of food assistance by misrepresenting and misquoting a passage in the Bible, saying ‘If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.’ Well that same ideology is being played out here in the unemployment insurance fight – if they don’t work, they shouldn’t eat.


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!


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