“Let My Kids Know I Loved Them”: Woman Found Stabbed To Death By Her Ex

Michelle R

Late Saturday evening, 25-year-old mother of two, Michelle Rowling was found in her apartment stabbed to death. Already a sad and terrifying turn of events, it was uncovered soon after that Rowling, of East St. Louis, knew that an attempt on her life was coming.

Rowling had been dating 25-year-old Montrell Cooper on and off for more than three years, but her ex-boyfriend became so abusive that Cooper eventually wound up serving time for a domestic dispute in August. Ironically, he did jail time in 2012 for another domestic dispute where he reportedly stabbed her in the neck. For some reason, Rowling testified on his behalf in order to help Cooper get his sentence reduced to probation. This time around, after the incident in August, she didn’t testify, but was uncooperative in helping prosecutors with their case against Cooper so he was released on probation. The day he was released from jail on November 25, she posted this message on her Facebook, alarming friends and followers:

Michelle Rowling FB

When a follower told her to cal the police, she responded with, “THE POLICE. ………….LOL IM GONE B GONE BOUT TIME THEY COME.” Unfortunately, by the 30th, Rowling was found in her apartment after police received a disturbance call, stabbed several times and bleeding out. She was rushed to the hospital, but died upon arrival. Now her family accuses Cooper of being behind the attack. The police can’t find him, but they did find his abandoned car. Anyone out there who knows of his whereabouts is of course asked to contact the police.

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