Joh Stewart Takes On Fox News and the Fake War on Christmas

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Tis that time of year again, the season to be jolly… but wait! Fox News is picking up right where they left off with the supposed “war on Christmas.” And Jon Stweart has something to say about that!

You see, this manufactured “war” is Fox’s way of telling the world that they are the true believers and followers of Christ. They are the only protectors of the Christ in Christmas, and any variance from the word “Christmas” is an assault on Christmas itself. So you cannot say “happy holidays” for example because that constitutes a “WAR!”

Stewart began his piece by showing the yearly jargon from Fox News, highlighting the words of Doug Napier who said that the majority of Americans celebrate Christmas, so “everybody should have the right to enjoy this season without the interference of a few bah humbug boys.” To that, Stewart asked, “how can I enjoy my Christmas when I know that somewhere, a little Jewish boy isn’t being forced to sing, Oh little town of Bethlehem? Where is the joy there?” Stewart asked, “who will save Christmas?”

He then showed Sarah Palin who, conveniently, is selling her new book about the meaning of Christmas. Stewart tore her to pieces when Sarah Palin explained that in her family, she puts out the Menorah “through December” on her kitchen table to teach her Children about the Jewish faith. Stewart pointed out that Jewish people don’t keep the Menorah out for the entire month, and it is usually in windows, not on their kitchen tables.

So since Sarah Palin is a bad excuse as the savior of Christmas, Stewart then showed another Fox News Christmas warmonger, Bill O’Reilly! Reilly of course, was bellowing about some organization or individual who was actively involved in this manufactured war. He mentioned Macy’s and Stewart quickly shut him down.

“What other secular humanist are peeing on your yule log this year?” Stewart asked.

“Macy’s!” O’Reilly continued. “This year they’re touting Santa Clause who will help you ‘with your holiday wishlist.’ So here’s my question for Macy’s,” Oreilly says, “what ‘holiday’ is Santa celebrating?”

Stewart was more than happy to answer that question, pointing out that Santa “is celebrating the feast of St Nicholas, which originated in The Netherlands in the middle ages and occurs every December 6th. ┬áBut you might not have heard about that,” Stewart says, “because like every other December holiday, it was long ago sucked into the insatiable black hole that is Christmas.”

Stewart then asked if the days when Christians despised the commercialization of Christmas are gone. He showed a clip of Sarah Palin saying that she loves the commercialization of Christmas, then pointed how wrong she and others on Fox News were when they are compared to the Pope, who recently denounced commercialization and trickle down economics.

Watch the clip below.

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I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!