Expert Called George Zimmerman’s “Art” Quasi-Psychotic


“First of all, I wouldn’t even call this a work of art,” said Jerry Saltz, who made an appearance on CNN’S New Day program on Wednesday. “It’s a travesty, a placard, a poster, something you might see in protest.” At one point, Saltz even called Zimmerman’s work a “confession” of sorts.

Saltz, a renowned art critic wasn’t finished tearing into the single art piece of Trayvon Martins killer. He continued;

“It’s talking about liberty, justice for all. Well, you know, it’s almost like none of this ever happened. And then also, you have this is his funny little  – he’s almost trying to be a cause. And the cause is that I think he is is a travesty of justice, a crime. It’s insipid, it’s not — there’s no thought in it. It’s needing to be the center of attention. I think it’s a bit psychotic.”

“To me,” Saltz concluded, “what he made was a simpleton, quasi-psychotic painting, in my opinion.”


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