A Military Family Needs Your Help


This is Sergeant Major Charles Bunyan and his beautiful family. They are truly wonderful people who go above and beyond what it means to be a military family. They are people that go out of their way to help anyone in need and are happy to do it.

SGM Bunyan is an exemplary leader in the New York Army National Guard and has helped so many soldiers find their way. His wife, Joan Is always there with a helping hand, a listening ear or any support she can give. She gives love and support to so many people and asks nothing in return. Their eldest daughter Brianna, and youngest daughter Lilly are about as sweet as they come. Two incredibly pure-hearted girls raised in a home filled with love.

Tragically, on December 19th, this amazing family was dealt quite a serious blow. Brianna ( the eldest daughter, 18) died in a car accident. The pain this family is going through this Christmas season is an unbearable one no person deserves. Especially not such good, giving people. These people have brightened so many lives. All I ask is that you click the link below and give back to this incredible family in their time of need. ANY AMOUNT WILL DO. No donation is too small or too big.

Click here to Help the Bunyan Family

This fund was set up by Master Sergeant Adam Tucciariello, one of the many soldiers who has experienced the love and support the Bunyan family has to offer.

Thank you so much for your time. Merry Christmas.


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  • Irishgal

    Ditto. Google her name and you will eat your words but I am sure this great family will forgive you.

  • Nick Abbate

    Sergeant First Class. I assure you that this is no scam and furthermore. You should be ashamed of yourself for insisting so. I wrote this article and know this family personally. You’re first instinct should be to help or to at least say a prayer. Not to post some disgusting disparaging remark. You do not have to give a cent but please do not insult me or these people by saying it is a scam. And Please do not assume what someone above your pay grade would or would not do. It is not a good look. Your name has been noted. Thank you for not helping AT ALL in this matter.

  • SFC Whoknowsbetter

    This has to be a scam.. No SGM would ask for donations. Also, no MSG would assemble such a thing. Without having a JAG readily available for a legal review I cannot positively say this is illegal, but I’d bet that it is.