What To Look For When Buying a Tablet


For the tech lover’s arsenal, tablets have undoubtedly become a must-have. A tablet is one of the most portable and convenient ways to have access to Internet, e-mail, video chat and camera anywhere you go.

What To Look For

Looking for a tablet that suits your needs is relatively simple. First, you have to consider the purpose of buying a tablet and what features do you like best. Many tablets in the market today offer entertainment features with high screen resolution, video chat capabilities, strong graphics and HDMI ports. Others include multitasking capabilities, long battery life, multiple inputs, powerful processors and various ways to connect to the Internet.


Operating System

Basically, the operating system is what makes a tablet run. It is an essential factor when buying. If you are familiar with the Android, Windows or iOS operating systems, you will most definitely enjoy a smooth transition to tablets that also use the same OS.

Battery Life

Battery life adds more freedom to any small, lightweight device. Usually, tablets last for hours longer than laptops and mostly smartphones. The battery life of a good tablet will last up to 9 hours, at least, where most average laptop batteries run out of juice after 4 hours.


The best tablets come with good quality front and rear cameras that can record HD video. A good front-facing camera is for video chat while the rear-facing camera is designed for taking still shots and recording video. The best tablets in the market today are capable of taking 8MP photos.



The tablet’s processor is responsible for the speed of the device. Overall, a quadcore processor will run faster than a dual-core. You may see a tablet with 2.5GHz processor and think that seems fast, which it is. However, if it’s a dual-core, it won’t run nearly as fast as a 1.8GHz quadcore processor.

RAM And Storage

Essentially, more RAM means your tablet will run faster and be more responsive. Tablets in the market today usually come with 1GB of RAM, though 2GB is quickly becoming the norm, with some even going as high as 8GB. The best tablets feature expandable storage space up to 64GB with an SD card.


The display affects the way your tablet looks. If you use your tablet to read, watch movies or play games, then you will want a dynamic resolution so everything is vibrant and full of brilliant colors.


A tablet is at its best and most useful when you can quickly look up information and use the Internet.

Help And Support

When choosing a tablet, it is preferable to have comprehensive and user-friendly support options. Look for a manufacturer with tech support and customer service available via phone, email, social media and live chat.

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