Ted Cruz Wants to Impeach Obama for Not Enforcing Laws… #LOL


Here is another gem from our Joker, Ted Cruz. In an interview published on Saturday, Cruz suggested that President Obama should be impeached because he is not enforcing the laws.

Imagine that! Ted Cruz is suggesting impeachment, because he thinks the president is not enforcing the laws of the United States.

Kinda makes me think of a certain group of people called Republicans who refused to enforce a law certain law called The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. A law that was approved by all three branches ogf government and by the People of the United States when they reelected the president in 2012.

Ted Cruz is one of the Republican senators who refuses to enforce this law, and have led the march against the law with over 45 attempts at repeal. But in his hypocritical interview, Cruz had the nerves to call the president “lawless.” Imagine that!

“One of the most troubling aspects of the Obama administration is, aside from their radical policies, the way they’ve implemented it has sadly been lawless. Over and over again, this president has said, ‘I don’t care what the law is, I’m going to refuse to enforce it.’”

According to Cruz, the president is committing an impeachable crime by granting work permits to young immigrants who were brought to the United States as children.

“We have never seen a president behave like President Obama, who believes he can just pick and choose: He’ll enforce this law, not enforce another law.”

And on the question of impeachment? Cruz answered;

“You know, any impeachment would have to be tried in the United States Senate. And so, my responsibility would be to render judgment. I would not want to urge the House to do anything other than exercise its best judgement. And then I would endeavor to do the same.”

Thus senator lives in a glass house, but he is constantly throwing stones.

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