Police Forced Brooklyn Man to ‘Rap’ for his Freedom


Racist police acting as judge and prosecution? What else is new?

A Brooklyn man claims that “vicious, wicked and cold-hearted” cops forced him to rap an entire song in exchange for his freedom – but only if the rhymes were up to their discriminating standards.

The 28-year-old aspiring hip-hopper “was thus compelled to perform a rap song for his freedom,” the complaint states.

Shingles was at the Brooklyn home of a pal when a crew of cops – including at least one officer under investigation for other illegal entries – demanded access to perform a search, the suit states.

Homeowner Donyale Kitchens refused to allow them in until they produced a warrant. The cops agreed to come back later with the paperwork and Kitchens left, the suit states.

But the plainclothes crew eventually convinced a building super to give them keys to her pad, according to the suit.
Once inside, the officers handcuffed Shingles and two other men while they searched the apartment, the suit states.

But the cops abruptly decided to break for a musical interlude after learning that Shingles was an aspiring rapper.

“The defendant officers then told the plaintiff Quinshon Shingles to show them some “spits and bars,” specifically to perform a rap song, and that if he was ‘hot’ they would let him go,’ the suit states.

With his freedom on the line, Shingles burst into his verses – and passed the test.

“Apparently satisfied with the plaintiff Quinshon Shingles rap performance, the defendant officers indeed released him and allowed him to leave the subject premises,’ the suit states.

The search did not turn up any illegal items, the suit states.

Kitchens and Shingles are suing the NYPD for illegal search and false imprisonment for an undisclosed sum

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