Mitch McConnell Cannot Understand Need for Nuclear Option – Republicans Love Obama!


Mitch McConnell – remember him? When president Obama was first elected,  Mitch McConnell proclaimed that his number one goal was to make sure Mr. Obama was a one term president.

With that goal in mind, McConnell and the rest of his Republican friends went out of their way to make sure the President and his policies failed. Along the way,  Republicans blocked every bill supported by the president, and sat on their hands when their help was obviously needed to end the recession and put laid off Americans back to work.

And talk about filibusters!

Thanks to McConnell and his Republican cohorts, President Obama and Senate Democrats received more Republican filibusters than previous administrations. Senate Republicans are presently filibustering court nominees,  simply because they have nothing else to do apparently.


And it is because of these unprecedented filibusters that Democratic Senate Leader Harry Reid decided to consider using the nuclear option. Simply put,  the nuclear option would allow votes to go forward, based on a simple majority vote instead of a super majority, as the Senate rules now stipulates.

This nuclear option consideration by Reid has Senate Republicans up in arms. They just cannot understand why Reid would want to get things done in the Senate, as opposed to their plan of blocking and filibustering everything!

Today,  Mitch McConnell had the nerve to step on the Senate floor to explain that there is no need for Reid to use the nuclear option because,  well,  Republicans have been so darn helpful to this president.

Take it away Mitch!

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