Don Lemon Compares Obama to Toronto’s Rob Ford – Steven Colbert Responds – Video

steven colbert9778

Everyone is┬ájumping on the bash Obama bandwagon these days because of the technical problems with the Obamacare website. But when CNN’s Don Lemon opened his mouth on this week and compared the President to Toronto’s crack smoking mayor Rob Ford, well, people took notice.

Said Lemon: “You won’t find two politicians who’ve had worse weeks…. President Obama saying ‘I’m Sorry’ over and over for his so-called signature achievement Obamacare, Rob Ford though admitting to crack– to be a crack smoker.”

Steven Colbert took notice. In his show last night, Colbert took aim at Lemon for his maladroit comparison. Lemon it seemed, thought it was a correct comparison because both President Obama and Toronto’s Mayor Rob Ford had a bad week and offered apologies. Colbert then wondered if a comparison between Lemon and a goat could be made if both were shown on video.

Colbert’s conclusion? “Yeah, they’re both in trouble. Therefore it’s an entirely fair comparison,” he mocked. “The same way that since they’re both on video, it’s fair to compare Don Lemon’s reporting to this dog milking a goat.”


I’m just tired of the lies and nonsense coming from the GOP, so this is my little contribution to combat the nonsense!