Zimmerman Nailed Bullet Ridden Bullseye on Wife’s Wall


Shellie Zimmerman, estranged wife of George Zimmerman, alleged Wednesday that he nailed a bullseye to her wall, complete with seventeen bullet holes, after she ordered him to collect his things and move out in early September.

Photos of the target were obtained by Radar Online, which quoted an anonymous source as saying, “This is the photo that Shellie sent to her lawyer and said, ‘Look at the subliminal message George left me,’ following their showdown in September.”

“At the time, Shellie was in New York, appearing on the TODAY show,” the source said. “What Shellie’s mom didn’t notice was the target. Then, when Shellie got home, she went over to the house and discovered the target with bullet holes in various quadrants. There it was…tacked up on the wall of their home office, right between the garage and the kitchen where the domestic incident took place.”

Shellie Zimmerman filed for divorce in September, and called the police on her husband for a domestic dispute days later.

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